Trends in Ontology-Based Systems

When I first see the book “Semantic Web Technologies: Trends and research in ontology-based systems (Hardcover)” hadn’t enough time to go on the previous week. This, morning I couldn’t sleep and so had some free time to search The query “Ontology-Based” in titles hit …

One year with Twitter

One year ago today I registered @merturk nick on Twitter. At first, it was like plain old web 2.0 applications such as facebook .  I was twitting once or twice a day  and trying to find friends in my neighborhood to follow but it didn’t …

Why I was so Quiet

The reason why I haven’t neither blogged nor tweeted for days is I was playing Assassin’s Creed. An hour ago I have finished all memory blocks (levels) and my overall rating for the game is awesome !!! Game starts with a trapped assassin who is …


Multitasking is the ability of eating pear with milk while reading about term weighting and listening Linkin Park and thinking about feature projects at the same time. Sure blogging and tweeting all the stuff.

Twitter Sucks

Twitter made me crazy !!! I tried to tweet 4 times or more but nothing happened !! I already had confused but now I’m also mad !!! Now better to go bed and write a blog about Information Retrieval (IR) tomorrow