WordPress 2.7.1

I’ve been using WordPress for months and tried alternatives (I used Blogger for years) and when I compared WordPress with others it is a real killer application. I haven’t faced any big issues yet. A few years ago updating web based applications was a nightmare. …

A Little Change

After blogger disaster in Turkey, I moved my blog to a shared hosting. Shift happened too fast, so I just picked a random theme for my blog. At the end, today, I found a chance to Google for some cool wordpress themes. I decided on …


Multitasking is the ability of eating pear with milk while reading about term weighting and listening Linkin Park and thinking about feature projects at the same time. Sure blogging and tweeting all the stuff.

Blogging from iPhone

I’m writing this blog entry from my iPhone. I’m traveling from Istanbul to Konya. Thanks apple for supporting map location finder almost everywhere in Turkey, now I’m near Bolu. Thanks for Blogger for supporting javascript limited devices.