Spring Framework & Java EE Part 1

I’ve worked with Java Enterprise Edition 5 in a real enterprise environment but never had a chance for Java EE 6. Java EE is getting better in every release Java EE 7 is on the way and supports from companies increasing every year. A few months a go I started to use Spring Framework as my primary web framework for Java, It is too early to make comparisons but I can tell my first impressions on these two technologies.

Both two are open source and have a big community to support enterprise application development, spring seems more developers than JEE for now. Things that I like JEE ecosystem is , all components are developed (lead) by one company. The language itself Java, framework JEE, IDE Netbeans even database MySQL and the application server Glassfish. It provides really nice integration. Spring has STS but never used it and I haven’t seen anyone using it either. One thing that I don’t like Spring is configurations…. There are uncountable XML files and tags, in general I lost my self in it. This gap can be closed by Intellij IDEA which has better support for Spring than others. I’ll try to share my thoughts here for Spring + Intellij IDEA combination.



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