Future of Internet of Things

Future, will be more connected with devices, sensors which will introduce new market, new methods, new concepts to us. IoT will be the most important part of future technology. Recently, designing electronic circuits complexity mostly eliminated by projects like arduino, mbed … etc. However, this complexity will be completely hidden in near future. There will be more generic programble devices. Everyone will be able to buy these devices easily and develop their own apps, even they will be distribute these apps via online markets. Not only, device part but also, cloud part of this process will be easy to connect, log, analyze and take necessary actions on devices. Already some companies started to build their solutions and they are triggering this process these days. Electric Imp is an example company provides device and cloud solutions to bring internet everything.

In my opinion, any kind of investments (knowledge, technology, resource … etc.) on IoT will more logical in the near future.


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