Connecting Things to Internet

Internet of Things (IoT) is happening, things we use in our everyday life connecting to the Internet. Electronic devices are getting more accurate sensors, batter power and communication interfaces with affordable costs. And this leads tiny devices to attached to our lifes, sensing environment and logging data. Future technology and technology companies will be mostly in either developing small devices or analyzing data generated by this components.

I’m always interested in interactions things, people and nature. It’s all about understanding the place where we live. Since, I have a computer engineering background, my interests are focused on wireless communications (WSN, NFC, Cognitive Radio) and how future devices will be in our lives. As a researcher I study cognitive radio and its applications. But, in my free times I play with electronic devices to built my own IoT. Recent, I got my Arduino Uno and Ethernet Shield and spending my free time for hacking this little devices. I need a wireless component but waiting for Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0) extensions.


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