Book Review: Zend Framework 1.8 Application Development

Its necessary to use a framework to collaborate with developers and also its useful to speed up development process. Zend Framework is one of the most popular PHP framework which consists of extendable tools and libraries. “Zend Framework 1.8 Application Development” covers Zend Frameworks basics and advanced usage of the framework.

Some Php and Object Oriented Programming knowledge is necessary to fully understand and benefit the book. Contents of the book is:

Chapter 1: Creating a Basic MVC Application
Chapter 2: The Zend Framework MVC Architecture
Chapter 3: Storefront Basic Setup
Chapter 4: Storefront Models
Chapter 5: Implementing the Catalog
Chapter 6: Implementing User Accounts
Chapter 7: The Shopping Cart
Chapter 8: Authentication and Authorization
Chapter 9: The Administration Area
Chapter 10: Storefront Roundup
Chapter 11: Storefront Optimization
Chapter 12: Testing the Storefront
Appendix: Installing Supporting Software

Also, you can download the free chapter which is “Chapter 7 The Shopping Cart“.

The good part is, examples are enough to understand and follow and explained in detail.

The bad part is current zend framework is at 1.9.6 however, the book discusses zf 1.8 which is enough to understand basics of the framework. Also, I was expecting to see integration of third party tools like doctrine, smarty and jquery … etc. which strengths the Zend Framework.

I’d say suggest this book for someone who wants to start development with ZF.


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