Book Review: RESTful PHP Web Services

PHP is the most popular web development language that has ben used in the market however, its always necessary to communicate different platforms which makes web services is a must todays world. “RESTful PHP Web Services” book covers developing and consuming RESTful web services with php in detail for developers who are interested in web services.

The book is written by Samisa Abeysinghe and it is easy to read and follow even for new starters for application development. Also, it is a good resource for experienced developers/designers for architectural levels of RESTful Web Services.

The content of book is divided into 7 chapters:

Chapter 1, is about explaining conceptual details of RESTful web services and their relations with HTTP.

Chapter 2, shows some code which consumes REST services in PHP.

Chapter 3, deals with real world examples of RESTful services and also usage of RSS, ATOM feeds.

Chapter 4 and 5 discuss designing RESTful web services and also, implementation of designed system.

Chapter 6 shows how to use Zend Framework to design and implement REST services with a framework.

Chapter 7 is about debugging web services.

In conclusion, It s a well designed book which meets all needs for designing and implementing RESTful services in PHP. I’d like to recommend this book for PHP developers/designer however, basic PHP knowledge is required to understand codes fully.

Discussed subjects supported with example codes which are useful and makes the concept to be understood easily.


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