18 Days With Snow Leopard

I have been using my mac for 3 months and I havent shared my os x experiences so far. Post title refers to longest uptime in this time period. I thought dividing my experiences in to sections would be more logical: one for end user side and one for for developer side.

Screen shot 2009-10-02 at 11.11.05 PM

First, I want to discuss end user view point of mac os x which is snow leopard and compare it to the other operating system (you got that). Any kind of software installation is killer easy, i.e. installing Snow Leopard takes 20 min.s (depends to your hardware) without annoying drivers installation and configuration steps. Also, its same for application setup, just drag & drop the file to the Applications folder, that’s it!

It is fast, very very fast when compared to other os and it uses less memory and cpu resources with less power. You can imagine how fast your os when it doesn’t run crappy viruses, antiviruses, antispywares … etc.

As a developer/architect I have used linux, windows, os x, solaris and in my opinion; the only os for a real software developer & designer is mac os x. I’m ok with linux but hacking something to work takes time which I don’t have recently. I believe linux is for more production environment not development.

Mac os x provides to developers the power of unix os with more manageability. Isn’t that awesome when you have symbolic links? Also, cross platform products, (I mean real cross platforms products not like .net which works only windows) are available for os x too and I believe future has to be independent.

In both sides, mac os x provides better hardware and software when compared alternatives with clean design. So far, I’m happy and more productive with the os that I have which is called Snow Leopard.

PS: Apple doesn’t pay me for to blog about them. But It would be nice if they denote my scientific projects

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