Book Review: Django 1.0 Template Development

I have finished reading free copy of Django 1.0 Template Development to review which is written by Scott Newman and published by Packt Publishing. I have already posted a blog entry about the free chapter of the book.

Django is a powerful Python web development framework which has challenging built in features like templating system, admin pages… etc. I have been developing web based applications for years and worked on variety of languages and platforms however Django’s clean and clear architecture is unique. The book focuses on the template development with Django and the content;

  • Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Django Template System
  • Chapter 2: Views, URLs, and Generic Views
  • Chapter 3: Template Context
  • Chapter 4: Using the Built-In Tags and Filters
  • Chapter 5: Loading and Inheriting Templates
  • Chapter 6: Serving Multiple Templates
  • Chapter 7: Custom Tags and Filters
  • Chapter 8: Pagination
  • Chapter 9: Customizing the Admin Look and Feel
  • Chapter 10: Caching Your Pages
  • Chapter 11: Internationalization

Detailed information about book content is available.

Django 1.0 Template Development is designed for both beginners and advanced developers and template authors with variety of examples and detailed topics of template development.

The book starts with introduction to template development and an overview of Django template system. Also, following Chapter 4 discusses built-in tags, filters and Chapter 7 focuses on custom tags and filters which are highly used important issues in Django application development.

I would recommend Django 1.0 Template Development for developers who want better understanding and efficient use of template systems in Django.


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