Are you there?

Yes, but I’m a little busy with work, university, personal life … etc. I know it couldn’t be a reason not to blog but I do it, I usually complain about being busy when I don’t write anything. Anyway, it has been two weeks without blogging and so many important things happened that I want to mention. I can’t talk too much about them, in brief;

First thing is Google Wave If I have to tell what I think about Google Wave in one word, it’d be amazing. Imagine that something like an operating system runs on web and it is real time. I can’t believe that Google is killing Microsoft day by day and Microsoft still sits and watches it.

Second, RIA, I had a chance to test Adobe Air with Flex 3 and Microsoft Silverlight. I’m not going to compare and contrast these two technologies but I like the idea behind Adobe Air and Flex 3.

And last one is about Windows 7, it is much better than Vista but I’m not satisfied what I’ve seen. It is faster than Vista on file operations like copy, paste …etc. However, I can’t say same thing for all. In general, it works fine but still far behind Apple’s Leopard.

I’m having trouble with my stomach for two days, I might have food poisoning but I’m not sure that, just trying to get rid of it.


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