Software Development & Deployment with Google App Engine

I have been developing applications for 5 years and worked on wide range of programming languages and platforms. If we exclude my undergraduate studies (like; tiny applications working on embedded devices or cross platform compiled iphone apps … etc.) briefly my experience on software development;

  • php on unix/linux
  • java/j2ee using hibernate on unix/linux
  • java/jee using glassfish on unix/linux
  • asp/ on windows
  • python using django unix/linux
  • python using django on google app engine

So, far I have dealt with many programming languages, platforms and most of them have painful development/deployment processes except one.  Google App Engine is the only platform that I have never had problems with software deployment.  I doesn’t matter which box you have (mac, win, linux ..etc)  for development, deployed application works as it in your local. You don’t have to worry about changes about model, app engine handles it smoothly. It is amazing. I have never seen such a thing before. Even I had problems with php but not with app engine. That’s why Google like companies must exits, they are the real innovators.


3 thoughts on “Software Development & Deployment with Google App Engine

  • Max

    Did you try web2py? The same code will work on GAE, Linux, Mac, WIndows.

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