Me, Myself and İstanbul

Instead of sitting in front of my computer, I spent my last Saturday (that is yesterday) at Ortaköy with eating Kumpir and enjoying the spectacular view of İstanbul Bosphorus. To whom don’t know what a Kumpir is; made by potato and mixed with cheese and some stuff including mayonnaise …etc. This is what I ate yesterday:


And those who don’t know how the Bosphorus is seen at Ortaköy:


I know it is weird but this year I feel something wrong with this city and me. I never thought that I’d be living somewhere else until this year. I feel like this is the last year with İstanbul and I may not have a chance to return back. That’s why, I don’t want to miss this spring and summer in İstanbul. I’m going to try to enjoy İstanbul as much as I can.


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