Is Microsoft Still Evil?

Microsoft is known as being an evil company. Isn’t it? During the past few years Microsoft used to be dominant in the market with its products and services like; operation systems, office programs and development tools by following unethical methods. So, something happened and all went wrong for them.

In my opinion, change was technology itself nothing else. Linux, Web, Web 2.0, mobile devices, platform independent tools, Web 3.0 … etc. Microsoft has followed same strategies over the years and succeeded but it didn’t work for this time. Microsoft may be an evil or not but, now, they are not acting like an evil.

There has been significant changes at Microsoft’s product strategy, like; considering other browsers, cross platform products (silverlight), contributing to open source ( MVC) …etc. They are not ignoring now, they are considering options different than Microsoft.

I’m not sure about Microsoft’s being evil or good but I’m sure one thing; they imitate not innovate. That’s why I’m not a Microsoft guy.


2 thoughts on “Is Microsoft Still Evil?

  • Michael S. Scherotter

    I’ve been a Microsoft employee for two years and I have loved working for this innovative company. Before I joined, one of my friends who was already at Microsoft said to me that the hardest part about the job was that some people _HATE_ the company and no matter what you do, you cannot change their opinion. I took that to heart and joined the company anyways – and I haven’t looked back.
    In my time at Microsoft, I have not met any “evil” people – some misdirected, but I have met many intelligent people, innovative researchers, and tons of passionate individuals.
    Microsoft is just a company – a thing – an entity.
    People can be evil, not things.
    Please give Microsoft and the people who work for it a second chance – and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions.
    Michael S. Scherotter
    Media Experience Evangelist
    Microsoft Corporation

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