Am I Depressed?

One million dollar question, “Am I Depressed?”  Last few days or weeks I’m not doing what I’m supposed to do, it is like my life is weird. Some facts;

  • I don’t want to go work
  • I don’t want to read anything
  • I want to blog but I don’t
  • I watch TV Shows whole night
  • I don’t want to go out. I’m living the most spectacular place in the world, in İstanbul
  • Listening Turkish songs (seems ok but my favorite Turkish singers are popular with their slow songs)
  • Lots  of things that I wanted to do about my semantic web but I’m not doing

Strange thing is I used to love those things but I don’t want to do them now. I just stay at my room and my computer that is it.

I need to do something which will change my mood, if not I’ll be someone blogging about being overweight and obese …etc

I have two options to change my life; one is a new place, city, country and second one is an outdoor hobby.


9 thoughts on “Am I Depressed?

  • alialtugkoca

    hehe uzun yıllardır üzerimde olan ruh halini maddelemişsin Mali.
    cevabı bulursan bana da söyle el ele psikoloğa gidelim 🙂

  • Kay Ballard

    Mehmet, taking you literally, as I must do (given that you are in a depressed state and currently incapable of “flights of fancy”) I shall answer your non-rhetorical question.

    Yes, Mehmet, you are depressed.

    Fortunately for you, you have various friends who exhibit some expertise at depression. I am one of them. I actually have the skill–as well as the personal experience–to teach you how to take a mild depression, such as the one you describe, all the way to a ferocious and mind-numbing funk.

    If you are ready to take your depression to the next level, perhaps you would like to buy my new ebook; Wallowing in Depression Secrets. It is only $47 USD and it comes with a bonus!

  • Gavin Heaton

    I always turn here for inspiration. It’s like magic.

  • Divinepk

    Hi Mehmet, KayBallard sent me to you. I am a profesional depressed person and here’s what I offered:

    divine_pk@KayBallard Low grade? Fuck that shit. Go for the gold. Major Depressive Disorder. Get the good meds. Gain 50 lbs. Blame everything on that!

  • Divinepk

    Then stop going out, your friends will say they understand but won’t, and you can REALLY wallow in it. Get really good at wordtwist and scrabble or your nerdy game of choice. Eat. Watch TV. Wallow. Love hating everything. Get a therapist. Go. Swear. Swear about everything.
    Eh…you’ll probably get bored of this indulgent behaviour after two or three months. Then you can start showering and maybe exercising a bit again. Contact with other people in about a week. Good luck!

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