Who is Mysterion?

South Park made a cool start to Season 13. Episode 2; “The Coon” is awesome, watched twice and still don’t know the true identity of Mysterion Kid. Made a quick research by exploring south park forums and fun sites but I couldn’t find the right answers to the question “Who is Mysterion?”

In my opinion Kenny or Clyde could be Mystreion Kid in the episode. My clues;

  • When Cartman speaks about “Who is the Coon?” only Kenny and Stan pay attention to Cartman but Clyde sleeps in the class (may be tired whole night?).
  • Kenny is poor and he doesn’t have enough money to have a nice costume.
  • When Mysterion fights Professor Chaos, he dies and wakes up again. Kenny does it always.
  • Kenny’s and Clyde’s voice are so close to Mysterion’s deep voice.

These are my thoughts about Mysterion but it is South Park anyone could be him. I think directors have future plans about super heroes.


20 thoughts on “Who is Mysterion?

  • andrew miller

    it can’t be clyde just because he was asleep during the who is the coon speech. Mysterion showed up that same night at walgreens. Pretty obvious

  • Mehmet Ali Ertürk

    When Mysterion shows his face, Cartman says

    -I knew it was you, remember I even said it you before

    Cartman never mentions about Kenny.

    So who is he/she? Any ideas?

  • Bean

    It could too be Kenny, he mentions his name at school, when everyone is at their lockers.

    Pay attention

  • Isaac

    I’m sure it will be someone off of left field, maybe they want to bring a character in that hasn’t had much exposure. Like they did with Tweak, Clyde, etc… For that reason I think it’s the “big forehead” kid (I don’t know what his name is), because in this episode you see him much more often than ever.

    I like your website background art btw.

  • alatari

    Matt and Trey are increasing the backstory of the rest of the original class members and Kevin is Mysterion. He’s the black hairded boy sits behind Kyle in episode 1 season 1, and is Chinese American.
    My reasons are
    1. Cartman is wrong about a lot of things.
    2. Mysterions throws strip of fireworks, climbs storm drain by hand all things any Chinese American kid can do you know.
    3.Mysterion lived in South Park all his life is trickier cause we aren’t sure if his parents adopted him or gave birth in South Park.
    4. Kevin is the only current boy missing in the next episode Margaritaville at the last dinner painting and Mysterion is in jail. The stinky play pen kid and the mafia kid came out of another teachers class room so they aren’t in Mr. Garrisons classroom.
    5. Kevin loves star wars gear and helped take over the the ship in Fat Beard, Kevin was heroic while Craig cries like a baby.


  • alatari

    O yeah one final idea that would work and be SP style comedy.
    Cartman is wrong about saying he’d mentioned him before because Kevin is Chinese American they all look the same to him? Would be a Matt and Trey acceptable joke and tie into Cartman’s fears of China taking over the world (drum sequence before the Indian Jones raped episode).

    Well any others persuaded?

  • Pj..

    Haha, u guys, Southpark staff doesn’t even know who is mysterion! That was too hard for them to think up who might be the hik, so they choosed to hide his identity. Thats so plain simple, but yet sad – that we won’t really know who is mysterion.

    even a 14 year old kid could think up T_T (me)

    lose hope, lads.

  • dishzho

    u people r so stupid
    its obviously wendy….from the beginning i was like
    this is so obvious…

  • Ahmadinajad

    Hints: Sleeping during the day. Cartman mentions his name. Great episode.

  • Sean

    It cant be Kenny,because he never shows his full face,except for bigger and longer uncut,and half his face in ”the jeffersons.

  • Nicole

    Heh, You guys are looking at Clyde sleeping rather than who is paying attention. If you look back at Cartman giving the speech in the classroom, you’ll realize that Clyde is the only one sleeping, while almost every one else is on the verge of going to sleep. Stan and Butters are the only ones really paying attention. Now, if Mysterion was in the classroom (Which indeed is a true statement, for Garrison stated it was a kid in his class at the end of the episode), don’t you think he would be very interested in what another super-hero has to say? Butters obviously isn’t Mysterion because he’s Professor Chaos. Bingo. It’s Stan.

  • southparkfan

    okay,its eather
    or cylde
    kenny- look at the facts from other coments
    stan- (like nicole said) in the speach stan and Butters are the only ones really paying attention.don’t you think he would be very interested in what another super hero has to say? Butters obviously isn’t Mysterion because he’s Professor Chaos. Bingo. It’s Stan.
    clyde- if he is mysterion it would make sence that he is tired in class,cuz he is out savin people at night.

    so what do u think?…

    • admin

      Maybe I’m not sure, I’m waiting for new episodes, probably they will reveal his true identity.

  • southparkfan

    they should make another episode with reveal his true identety.or give more clues…

  • Callie Lewis

    Hmm well Kenny hints: Mysterion dies and comes back to life.
    Kenny/Stan hints: Cartman’s superhero costume has a “C” for Cartman, it makes sense that Mysterion’s would be an “M” for McCormick/Marsh.
    Stan anti-hints: Stan goes to Kyle because he is “the smartest kid in class”. This is incredibly objective as a reason, and likely the words of someone who doesn’t know Kyle well. Unless Stan is a very good actor.
    Kevin: Likely, given his “geekiness” that is implied in other episodes, and the fact he is “just another fourth grader. However, Cartman states that he had mentioned it before, and I think the China Probrem connection/basis on Cartman’s reasoning that all Chinese Americans look the same is a little too complex and obscure, even for South Park.
    Craig: is pragmatic, and unlikely to do something as “wacky/attention-seeking” (from his perspective) as dressing up and fighting crime.
    Clyde: Very likely, given he was sleeping in class, however for some reason I just can’t see it. Mysterion seems quite “angsty” which Clyde has never struck me as.
    Wendy: I can’t see it, so I believe that was a red herring.
    I have a strong feeling Mysterion was Kenny, if anyone (except I’m pretty sure the voice is Trey Parker, which would indicate Stan…) but as I said.
    Who knows. I don’t think we’re supposed to reach any definitive conclusion…

  • Callie Lewis

    Also, the original article states it can’t be Kenny because he would be unable to afford a costume. True, his family is poor, but it didn’t stop them from buying him a PSP in Best Friends Forever. And he was able to afford condoms/Jonas Brothers tickets in The Ring.

  • qwert mcgee

    did anyone watch the episode? i watched it online and the call mysterion kenny multiple times. ITS KENNY GODDAMNITT!!!

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