A Twisted Weekend

I spent my weekend working on my graduate studies and watching South Park. Only a few episodes left to complete all missed episodes.

I made my mind with help of my advisers and decided to study on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Semantic Networks and made a three phase plan. First phase is supposed to finish in three weeks time. That’s why I spent most of my weekend implementing a p2p network using twisted networking framework.

It is an implementation of simple client-client p2p network which is designed to work in local networks and doesn’t support file transfer protocol at the moment. So, it is the simplest p2p network that each peer can discover and talk each other for specific tasks. It is planned to accomplish basic p2p operations to test our main semantic application.

Now, next step is to add some semantics to this p2p network, so, I’ll be working on NLTK (NLP, Natural Language Toolkit) for two weeks.

PS: Twisted GUI integration easier then cli (command line interface). Strange, isn’t it?


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