Tell Me Again, What was The Semantic Web?

My semantic web interest is almost two years old however, I haven’t focused it enough till this year. It was something like a magazine or a blog that I like to read or follow but never involved. Somehow, my viewpoint on semantic web extremely changed and I’ve started scientific (also business) researches on semantic web.

Today, I felt much better when I saw the following videos. It was a right choice to make investments on semantic web. I hope, it will much better… Thanks Cas for sharing these nice videos:

Future Internet Video from Castemelijn on Vimeo

Impressed Kevin Kelly’s presentation and the quote about web: “Have to get better in believing the impossible”

Tomorrow, I have a meeting with my advisers about Semantic Web for P2P networks and if it goes successfully, I’ll start build my project in the following weeks. First, I want to up and running simplest p2p network in my local machine using twisted on python or jxta on java. Then give this thing a mining: semantic …


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