Zemanta Tagging Issues

For my previous post zemanta generated following tags: South Park, Television program, Fridays, Park, Television, BitTorrent, Kids and Teens, Arts


Only half of the tags are related to my post. I couldn’t find the point for BitTorrent and my Friday Night post? Maybe for South Park? Zemanta may think most important thing in my post is South Park and added more tags related to South Park. But it didn’t focus to title and content. They need more improvements about this tagging issue.


5 thoughts on “Zemanta Tagging Issues

  • Andraz Tori


    Zemanta’s trying hard to automatically suggest tags, and we try to err on the side of abundance of tags. The logics is very simple, you are just clicking, no time is lost for you if we propose a bad tag or two.

    However if we wouldn’t propose the good tags, time would be lost because you would need to type them.

    But yeah, computers are still not near the human understanding of text. But they are trying 🙂

    We also have an API that you can leverage to create your own solutions!

    Andraz Tori, Zemanta

  • Andraz Tori

    Then use the API by sending it through google translate first. 🙂

    Albeit that sounds a bit fishy, we know of people doing it! They report good results (good as in – they can reduce need for typing by having pre-recommendations, naturally there’s more noise)!

    Andraz Tori, Zemanta

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