Friday Nights

You can’t imagine how I love the weekends. It doesn’t mean I dislike working,it means I like dislike the ways tasks done in these days. Everything is in the air, nothing is written, no rules, and everyone acts what he/she likes … This post is about how I spend my weekends.

I usually leave work as soon as I can in Fridays. I usually spend my weekend at home in winter else I try to stay out at least one day for outdoor activities. I like working on new things, technologies … etc. so, I spend my time reading papers or working on new technologies if I’m at home. I can’t do it at my current work. People around me worry about the new technologies if they cannot understand or handle it. I like to challenge myself…

Today, planning to home and watch TV shows or previous series of South Park. Saturday is my research day. I’m going to write down things in my mind for a long time. Actually, it will be a draft for the research subjects I’ll work on. Sunday is going to be a housework day, a little housekeeping.

Then, It is Monday again …


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