How To Make A Good Tea

Do you know that I’m a tea addict? I usually start my day drinking 4 or more couples of tea and keep drinking during working hours. But, it is hard to find good tea in my work because no one cares about it.

So, I though it’ll useful If I share my experiences in making good tea.
First, to make good tea you have to buy right product. I tried different several tea brands but only one producer is successful in this business. Yes, it is Turkey’s most popular tea producer “Çaykur” and “Çaykur Filiz Çay” is my favorite tea. So, I searched reasons how they managed to produce high quality tea and a main result is they have the power to preserve it for years to dry tea particles.


Second, fresh water is as important as the tea itself.

Third, to get nice drinkable to we have to make it in an iron teapot.

Now, we have everything to make a tea. I strongly suggest washing tea before using it. First, put washed tea inside the teapot and pour boiled water on it. Wait 5 – 10 min. then, you can enjoy it and keep in mind to consume it in 1 hour.


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