My Red Alert 3 Strategies

After, Red Alert 2 I’m getting familiar with Red Alert 3 (RA3) and enjoying the game when I win Japanese forces. My favorite nation in the game is Russians. Yes, I like to hear the sound “Kirov Reporting!”. My main strategy in the game is;

  1. Barracks
  2. Train soldiers (mixed)
  3. Power Planet
  4. 2 Ore Mines
  5. War Factory
  6. Super Reactor

I always follow my opponent’s movements and decide how to strike. It may air, ground or super weapon attack.

I’m not just playing games but reading papers on machine learning techniques which are used in ontology learning for semantic web. Also, I’m preparing a schedule for 2009 conferences and our plan is to have something valuable till April so, we can submit it this year’s events.


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