I’m Free For a While

I woke up at 4:30 am last night and it is about to 2:00 am. Yes, It makes a lot of time. I was dealing with graduate studies for last two weeks and I’ve completed most important part this night. I made a paper submission to local conference in Turkey which will be held at Harran Uni. Only a few final exams left which are not a big issue to handle.So, I’m free for a while and my plan is to complete the following todo list:

  • specify my theses subject ( probably on semantic web)
  • focus on some important (and funny) projects.
  • blog more about python(python euro ) and semantic web
  • practice some Red Alert 3 against Japanese
  • add new things to this todo list

Trying to figure out Is it possible to say “free for a while” while having this list.

Why didn’t I quit and sleep instead of blogging?


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