A Little Change

After blogger disaster in Turkey, I moved my blog to a shared hosting. Shift happened too fast, so I just picked a random theme for my blog. At the end, today, I found a chance to Google for some cool wordpress themes. I decided on something called “resurrection”. It is buggy and doesn’t support widgets. You have to manually adjust the your sidebar content. Despite lack of  wordpress functionally, it makes your blog look like a bit geeky and cool. I’m planning to play with theme and write some stuff to handle standard wordpress things  in my free time.

Finally, I’m getting close to the end of the semester. So, I’ll have more free time to play Red Alert 3 and do some funny things. Describe “funny things”? I registered a funny domain to make a small enjoyable web 2.0 application. It won’t be a big issue but it’ll have more functionally than isit2009yet. Enough talk lets, fight 🙂


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