One year with Twitter

One year ago today I registered @merturk nick on Twitter. At first, it was like plain old web 2.0 applications such as facebook .  I was twitting once or twice a day  and trying to find friends in my neighborhood to follow but it didn’t work. Then, twitter has become more popular day by day in 2008 and I had more (worth to follow) friends and followers.  Today, I’m tweeting all the time with my pc or mobile phone (even its an old one).

During this time period some of my habits have changed; I’m paying more attention to my twitter time line than my emails. I’m blogging less but tweeting more. I’ve posted 363 entries since 2005 but  904 tweets since 2007. If I have to use email for communication, I prefer twitter style short messages. I’ve complaint to @twitter for forgetting my birthday even I didn’t do it to my real life friends … and so on.

In conclusion, happy birthday my twitter account @merturk


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