Semantic Web Research Topics

I have been seeking hot topics in semantic web for one week to find a suitable (to me) research subject. I decided to make a summary using what I’ve collected so far. This summary is about what would be more important at the near future and the data (mainly) depends on European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) topics of interest.

Some topics that would be more important:

  1. Semantic Web Data and Ontologies have been discussed for years but Interoperability of data on the Semantic Web is becoming more popular.
  2. Semantic Web Services and service standards, testing, monitoring, security issues.
  3. Semantics in P2P Computing
  4. Interoperability of applications on the Semantic Web
  5. Data mining on the Semantic Web
  6. Social networks and Semantic Web
  7. Semantic Web for collaboration and cooperation
  8. Usability, performance, scalability issues for Semantic Web technologies

Semantic Web Services and Data mining on the Semantic Web seem to be more suitable for me but I haven’t found what I really want. I should keep searching and asking to people about semantic technologies.


11 thoughts on “Semantic Web Research Topics

  • Dan Brickley

    Try thinking about it this way:

    What information management problems do you think are important? To you, your family, friends, or organizations you care about. If you can find stories this way about fragmented, messy or unfiltered information, this could be the start of a path towards finding a topic your really care about. But don’t start with the technology, start with real life.

    Maybe you get too much email, and feel overwhelmed, and would like it better organized. Maybe there’s a charity of project you care about who can’t afford to build and manage the Web site they deserve. Maybe there’s some combination of new technologies you see that have some unexpected value / application when used together. But probably best to start with problem scenarios, rather than conference topics…

  • prakash

    hey Mehmet,
    could you please give a project idea for developing an infrastructure relating to health services using semantic web.
    thank you in advance

    • admin

      Dan Brickley comment gives necessary information about finding an idea. I suggest you to follow it.

  • prakash

    hi Mehmet,
    actually am a student and i only am given a four months time to develop a project..I am thinking of working in multiple ontology section so i wud be gr8ful if could suggest me some tools that are available for use and work with..
    thnx again

    • admin

      Hi prakash, there are plenty of tools for different purposes and platforms. Sometimes it takes time to check my blog comments, you can email( me or send DM from twitter (@merturk)

  • karpagam

    hi friend

    will you please give me some suggestions on the area of semantic web research applications .research problems also if poss

  • Jatinder Kumar Teji

    hi i m pursuing My thesis topic is symantic web will you please guide me some latest topics and some important tips on it I have lack of proper guidence.

  • Sasikaran

    Hi, I am a Bsc SW Eng student doing my 4th year. I have to do R&D for it.

    The final delivery should have small part of computing solution. Can you please give me some suggestions on the area of semantic web for me to find a topic.

  • admin

    Sometimes I miss comments on this topic, you can email ( me if you any questions. Thx.

  • Pallawi B

    Can you please suggest me topics in the area of semantic web research applications .research problem also.

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