Why I was so Quiet

The reason why I haven’t neither blogged nor tweeted for days is I was playing Assassin’s Creed. An hour ago I have finished all memory blocks (levels) and my overall rating for the game is awesome !!!

Game starts with a trapped assassin who is experimented to learn about past. This is done by connecting subject to a machine called animus which generates animations to access assassin’s ancestor memories to locate significant treasure. You can come across people yielding “gel buraya kafir” and see Turkish Flags and Mosques during game play.

I bought the game when I came to Konya and played the whole week. I just had two days break while I was dealing with the guests from İstanbul. Now waiting for Assassin’s Creed 2

I had chance to read some blogs and found this useful link about semantic web. I gonna read the report in detail when I arrive to İstanbul on the following week.


3 thoughts on “Why I was so Quiet

  • Kemal

    Dude, sorry to put a damper on your game play!!! Didn’t know. Why didn’t you mention it?

  • Mehmet Ali Ertürk

    That’s Ok. I planned not to talk till I finish the game. See you tomorrow …

  • corbin

    you can e-mail back on civilian as i am now having trouble figuring out 1 part of assassins creed 2. what am i supposed to do after following a.i. to market after chasing him on roof tops for i believe memory block 4 but its La Volpe at santa maria novela

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