WatchDog Surveillance System 2.0

WatchDog Surveillance System 2.0 is my first commercial SL product that has been sold by Temporal Industries. I have scripted this nice product.


Do you own property? Want to keep a close eye on it?

You need the state-of-the-art WatchDog Surveillance System 2.0, the most advanced working-camera surveillance and security camera system in Second Life. The powerful features and easy to use controls provide the absolute best, most flexible surveillance system available anywhere. Whether you want to monitor a private area, a large mall, or multi-sim amusements, the WatchDog Surveillance System answers the call.

No other system allows so many cameras and so much flexibility. No other system will teleport you where you need to be when you need to be there.

Set up 60 cameras – cloaked if you wish – in one sim, or scatter up to 600 cameras across multiple sims. Flip through camera views at the touch of a button on a Hud you wear, or delegate up to 10 Huds to your security staff.

Pan the view on any camera as far as you need, around corners, up ramps. Teleport to any camera view in seconds.

The WatchDog Surveillance System 2.0 lets you:

* Set up to 60 cameras per sim, 600 per System
* Flip through camera views at the touch of a button
* Remote operate any camera – follow a person or sweep the area
* Teleport to any view in seconds
* Up to 10 Huds to allowed, each monitoring specific areas
* Restrict different Huds to specific cameras; even your eyes only
* Add more cameras and Huds as you expand; alter the structure as you wish.
* Add new Huds in quantities of 1, 2, or 5.
* Use blue laser technology to setup cameras easily
* Each camera is just one prim
* Cloak or uncloak your cameras on command

With the Faithful WatchDog Surveillance System 2.0, you are the master of all you survey.

Also available in system packages with:

System Package One: One Transferable HUD, Unlimited Copiable Cameras
System Package Two: Two Transferable HUDs, Unlimited Copiable Cameras

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