XGL on Linux

XGL is a powerfull X Server powered with OpenGL, you should need X Server to run it. It has many features. You should see some fetatures here:



  • Decouple window resolution from display resolution. Applications may render windows at a particular resolution, but may be seen on-screen at a different resolution.
  • Fast, simple screen rotation/flipping/panning/magnification.
  • Advanced font rendering, including on-the-fly outline font rendering using textures and fragment programs
  • Simulated hardware overlay planes. This long-time workstation graphics feature could be implemented with texture compositing.
  • Full-screen color manipulation, including gamma correction, contrast enhancement, dimming/brightening, etc.
  • Mixed pixel depths on one screen. Redirected, top-level windows could all have different color depths (8, 16, 24, 32bpp)
  • Arbitrary per window colormaps (fragment program texel lookup)
  • Alternate window color spaces. “video” windows may be stored as YCbCr (smaller than RGB) and converted to RGB on the fly when displayed using texture hardware.
  • Window image compression: Use S3TC texture compression to compress windows whose contents seldom change. Best use would be the desktop background stored in the root window. Potentially big memory savings.
  • New opportunities for antialiased X rendering with OpenGL multisampled surfaces.
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    8 thoughts on “XGL on Linux

    • cyber_rigger

      Companies selling preinstalled
      Linux Desktops

    • Mehmet Ali Ertürk

      Most of companies started to support linux.In my country (Turkey) some sellers sells preinstalled Linux (instead of illegal Windows) computers in both desktop and laptop.

    • cyber_rigger

      If you know some good
      preinstalled Linux companies
      post them on the forum.

    • Mehmet Ali Ertürk

      They are local companies in Turkey. I will give some links,

    • Anonymous

      Great but if there are no openGL drivers for your video card (probably won’t and the proprietary ones are of low quality, they say), then GL will be done by the CPU. Bye bye CPU.

      3D acceleration is for games.

    • cyber_rigger

      Buy compatible hardware.

      You wouldn’t buy an ultrasparc and expect XP to run on it,

    • bbum

      That is actually quite cool.  Seriously.  Neat stuff.

      I still don’t understand why every “cutting edge” X11 UI looks like Windows or Mac OS X?  Given the innovative focus on improving user interaction, how about also coming up with an original GUI?

    • Mehmet Ali Ertürk

      I think you should ask that question to MS why they didnt build an orginal GUI instead of using MacOS ?

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