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Is Microsoft Still Evil?

Microsoft is known as being an evil company. Isn’t it? During the past few years Microsoft used to be dominant in the market with its products and services like; operation systems, office programs and development tools by following unethical methods. So, something happened and all went wrong for them.

In my opinion, change was technology itself nothing else. Linux, Web, Web 2.0, mobile devices, platform independent tools, Web 3.0 … etc. Microsoft has followed same strategies over the years and succeeded but it didn’t work for this time. Microsoft may be an evil or not but, now, they are not acting like an evil.

There has been significant changes at Microsoft’s product strategy, like; considering other browsers, cross platform products (silverlight), contributing to open source ( MVC) …etc. They are not ignoring now, they are considering options different than Microsoft.

I’m not sure about Microsoft’s being evil or good but I’m sure one thing; they imitate not innovate. That’s why I’m not a Microsoft guy.

The Machine is Us/ing Us

I’m not sure If I posted this video before in case, I’m sharing it. Nice video about Web and Web 2.0.

The Machine is Us/ing Us – Final from Jonathan Thirkill on Vimeo.

Tell Me Again, What was The Semantic Web?

My semantic web interest is almost two years old however, I haven’t focused it enough till this year. It was something like a magazine or a blog that I like to read or follow but never involved. Somehow, my viewpoint on semantic web extremely changed and I’ve started scientific (also business) researches on semantic web.

Today, I felt much better when I saw the following videos. It was a right choice to make investments on semantic web. I hope, it will much better… Thanks Cas for sharing these nice videos:

Future Internet Video from Castemelijn on Vimeo

Impressed Kevin Kelly’s presentation and the quote about web: “Have to get better in believing the impossible”

Tomorrow, I have a meeting with my advisers about Semantic Web for P2P networks and if it goes successfully, I’ll start build my project in the following weeks. First, I want to up and running simplest p2p network in my local machine using twisted on python or jxta on java. Then give this thing a mining: semantic …

The Green Trend

Probably, Web 2.0 era is the golden age of the web with fancy social applications. So, what’s next? Failure !!!  These 2.0 companies already have started to run out of money and struggling to come up with new ideas.

So what will the next round be? Economic crises, energy problems, global warming … etc. centric solutions which points green computing will rule the market.

Some companies already have produced their greenest products like Apple MacBooks. In my opinion more entrepreneurs are going to focus on green technology to make a difference.

Google Chrome

Google is aiming to provide brand new web browser for next generation web with Google Chrome. First release will be today, I’ll be waiting for it.