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Blogger Dashboard

Blogger has changed the dashboard ui. I liked new rounded style. An other useless twitter application but it looks cool


Multitasking is the ability of eating pear with milk while reading about term weighting and listening Linkin Park and thinking about feature projects at the same time. Sure blogging and tweeting all the stuff.


Twit2art #11

Twitter Sucks

Twitter made me crazy !!! I tried to tweet 4 times or more but nothing happened !! I already had confused but now I’m also mad !!! Now better to go bed and write a blog about Information Retrieval (IR) tomorrow

Adding New File Extension in Netbeans

If you are seeking how to register a new extension for known file type in Netbeans. Follow

Tools -> Options -> Advanced Options -> System -> File Types -> PHP Files

and right click to open then add or change anything you like. I added thtml.

Twitter is still inaccessible.