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Some Reasons Why My Blog Traffic Doubled

First, I’ve started blogging in August 2005 with a friend suggestion. I’m blogging for myself, trying to share my feelings, my thoughts, my lifestyle …etc. I never been in a worry to become popular or someone else, just trying to be me.

Recently, I noticed that somehow my blog traffic has doubled for last  months. I figured out some possible reasons that my drive blog traffic:

  1. Shift from blogger to custom domain with wordpress
  2. WordPress plugins like SEO, Google sitemap ..etc.
  3. Regular entries
  4. Twitter
  5. Be myself

Trends in Ontology-Based Systems

When I first see the book “Semantic Web Technologies: Trends and research in ontology-based systems (Hardcover)” hadn’t enough time to go on the previous week. This, morning I couldn’t sleep and so had some free time to search The query “Ontology-Based” in titles hit 100 papers and most of them are published in 2008 or 2007. I’ve got printed copies of studies from various versions of ontology based systems like “Ontology-Based Knowledge Management”,” Ontology-based Information Integration in Virtual Learning Environment”, ”An Ontology-based Approach to Text Summarization” … etc.

My adviser already has a proposal on multimedia related systems and suggests me to consider it. I may combine those studies with ontology based infrastructure and come up with new subjects. But still an idea …

I’m listed in Semantic Web Twitter Pack as Semantic Web people to follow in twitter. Thanks to @CleverClogs

One year with Twitter

One year ago today I registered @merturk nick on Twitter. At first, it was like plain old web 2.0 applications such as facebook .  I was twitting once or twice a day  and trying to find friends in my neighborhood to follow but it didn’t work. Then, twitter has become more popular day by day in 2008 and I had more (worth to follow) friends and followers.  Today, I’m tweeting all the time with my pc or mobile phone (even its an old one).

During this time period some of my habits have changed; I’m paying more attention to my twitter time line than my emails. I’m blogging less but tweeting more. I’ve posted 363 entries since 2005 but  904 tweets since 2007. If I have to use email for communication, I prefer twitter style short messages. I’ve complaint to @twitter for forgetting my birthday even I didn’t do it to my real life friends … and so on.

In conclusion, happy birthday my twitter account @merturk

Because Twitter is Down

Twitter is down so I’m combining my tweets as a blog entry

First tweet;
I want to read this book but I’m not sure if it’d worth to read.

Second tweet;
Netbeans 6.5 rc1 is available.

Why I was so Quiet

The reason why I haven’t neither blogged nor tweeted for days is I was playing Assassin’s Creed. An hour ago I have finished all memory blocks (levels) and my overall rating for the game is awesome !!!

Game starts with a trapped assassin who is experimented to learn about past. This is done by connecting subject to a machine called animus which generates animations to access assassin’s ancestor memories to locate significant treasure. You can come across people yielding “gel buraya kafir” and see Turkish Flags and Mosques during game play.

I bought the game when I came to Konya and played the whole week. I just had two days break while I was dealing with the guests from İstanbul. Now waiting for Assassin’s Creed 2

I had chance to read some blogs and found this useful link about semantic web. I gonna read the report in detail when I arrive to İstanbul on the following week.