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Why Second Life is Important?

I’m trying to pay more attention to Second Life but I had some difficulties at work to access Second Life and all related stuff because of I.T. manager in my company (he calls himself as I.T. manager but nothing with being I.T. manager …) bans all Second Life stuff for gaming reason. Do you wonder why Second Life is important and it is not just a game? Sun is the answer.

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Sun Community Innovation Awards Program

Google announced android challenge a few weeks ago now Sun does same thing. Sun sponsors open source community $1M innovation award. Details will be available on Jan 2008. I haven’t heart anything about IBM’s open source competitions. Have you ? Probably IBM is waiting his opponents.

Old Cool Dark Terminals

I have been working on JEE platform for 2 years as a professional. I like java and java related platforms but I really miss developing native applications on dark black linux terminals. I wish I have a chance to work on embedded devices as a professional. Nowadays being mobile is important as a result mobile devices are becoming more popular, most of these devices are based on linux firmwares. I recently discovered rockbox, it seems cool but I haven’t tested it yet. My iPod (nano classic) is a gift from one of my Apple fun friend, I don’t want to brake it. But somehow I feel I will find myself dealing with embedded platforms.

Battlefield of Office Softwares

IBM releases eclipse based Office Software Lotus Symphony for free. Being eclipse based provides everyone to easily build tools on Lotus Symphony. Currently Symphony offers word processing Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentation and user interface of application similarly to Office 2007.

Sun has Openoffice, IBM has Symphony and now it is Apple‘s turn to distribute their office tools for free against to Microsoft. Lets see what will Microsoft do in this war.