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Windows 7 + Family Guy = Horror. Here’s the proof

Just another Windows Ad Camping, guess how awesome it is !!! And this is the reason why I prefer South Park.

Eric Cartman Sings Poker Face

I know, my blog turns into a south park blog but check out this guys, it s awesome, Eric sings Lady Gaga’s Poker Face


Funniest South Park Characters

There is no argue that I’m watching south park for my favourite character Eric Cartman however there is one more character, Stan’s father Randy Marsh. This guy is funnier than Stan.

Still waiting for new episodes …

Best South Park Episodes Part 2

I have shared some of my favorite South Park Episodes and now, here is the rest of my list.

  1. Season 6 Episode 7 “Simpsons Already Did It”
  2. Season 8 Episode 8 “AWESOM-O”
  3. Season 10 Episode 8 “Make Love, Not Warcraft”
  4. Season 11 Episode 2 “Cartman Sucks”
  5. Season 12 Episode 9 “Breast Cancer Show Ever”
  6. Season 13 Episode 2 “The Coon”

I think South Park made really good start to Season 13 with “The Coon” which I have blogged about the mysterious hero “Who Is Mysterion?”. I still seek the identity of the Mysterion Kid. If you know something about it, please share it with me. May be we have to stay and wait and see what will happen in the following episodes.

Who is Mysterion?

South Park made a cool start to Season 13. Episode 2; “The Coon” is awesome, watched twice and still don’t know the true identity of Mysterion Kid. Made a quick research by exploring south park forums and fun sites but I couldn’t find the right answers to the question “Who is Mysterion?”

In my opinion Kenny or Clyde could be Mystreion Kid in the episode. My clues;

These are my thoughts about Mysterion but it is South Park anyone could be him. I think directors have future plans about super heroes.