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Information Retrieval

Found the book which is about IR while I was making research about “Latent Semantic Indexing”. IR focuses on finding necessary data within large datasets and also deals with “unstructured” (and “semistructured”) data.

The book discusses IR techniques and algorithms such as XML retrieval, Probabilistic information retrieval, Language models for information retrieval, Text classification and Naive Bayes, Vector space classification … vs. It is really useful someone who has to deal with unstructured data like me.

Twitter Sucks

Twitter made me crazy !!! I tried to tweet 4 times or more but nothing happened !! I already had confused but now I’m also mad !!! Now better to go bed and write a blog about Information Retrieval (IR) tomorrow

Semantic File System

I have been thinking about how to design file systems to manage structured data with semantic web and today found Microsoft’s research on WinFS

An other interesting file system concept OFFSystem

Nowadays dealing too much about file systems.

Nova Spivack at The Next Web Conference 2008

Nova Spivack at The Next Web Conference 2008 from Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten on Vimeo.

Awesome Weather

The weather is pretty nice and everyone is having fun outside. What I’m doing is reading articles such as integrating relational data into the semantic web … vs.