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Semantic Web Research Topics

I have been seeking hot topics in semantic web for one week to find a suitable (to me) research subject. I decided to make a summary using what I’ve collected so far. This summary is about what would be more important at the near future and the data (mainly) depends on European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) topics of interest.

Some topics that would be more important:

  1. Semantic Web Data and Ontologies have been discussed for years but Interoperability of data on the Semantic Web is becoming more popular.
  2. Semantic Web Services and service standards, testing, monitoring, security issues.
  3. Semantics in P2P Computing
  4. Interoperability of applications on the Semantic Web
  5. Data mining on the Semantic Web
  6. Social networks and Semantic Web
  7. Semantic Web for collaboration and cooperation
  8. Usability, performance, scalability issues for Semantic Web technologies

Semantic Web Services and Data mining on the Semantic Web seem to be more suitable for me but I haven’t found what I really want. I should keep searching and asking to people about semantic technologies.

Academic Studies & Courses

After, I spent some time to implement “Bresenham’s line” and “seed fill” algorithms for Image Processing course homework; I noticed that I haven’t blogged enough for my graduate program.

It is MS program in Computer Engineering at Istanbul University. I registered 3 courses; Advanced Computer Architectures, Image Processing Techniques for Computer Engineering, Computer Language Engineering for fall semester.  You can access course details by this link.

I haven’t decided my thesis subject yet but, I feel that it seems to be about Semantic Web, AI (like knowledge presentation, machine learning …) or Information Retrieval (IR) systems.

Nowadays, I’m dealing with Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) or Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI).  It is a new subject but growing fast among next generation web search engines (like Google, Hakia … etc).  It needs some mathematical skills like linear algebra to analyze data. If I had been told this relation before I would payed more attention to mathematics than I did. Anyway, my mathematical knowledge is still fine 😉 I can find (solve) what I need (for now).  I’ll try to write much about my academic studies and interests.

Semantic Web for Dummies

For those who don’t get what the semantic web means, this book will help them.

Microblogging: A Semantic and Distributed Approach

We (I and him) usually talk about microblogging and its issues in the both web 2.0 and semantic web. While I was searching some articles I found this paper which addresses some issues encountered about microblogging. Unfortunately it doesn’t mention all the problems about microblogging, that’ s why we still have the chance to start a cool research.

Why I was so Quiet

The reason why I haven’t neither blogged nor tweeted for days is I was playing Assassin’s Creed. An hour ago I have finished all memory blocks (levels) and my overall rating for the game is awesome !!!

Game starts with a trapped assassin who is experimented to learn about past. This is done by connecting subject to a machine called animus which generates animations to access assassin’s ancestor memories to locate significant treasure. You can come across people yielding “gel buraya kafir” and see Turkish Flags and Mosques during game play.

I bought the game when I came to Konya and played the whole week. I just had two days break while I was dealing with the guests from İstanbul. Now waiting for Assassin’s Creed 2

I had chance to read some blogs and found this useful link about semantic web. I gonna read the report in detail when I arrive to İstanbul on the following week.