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Google and Future of the Semantic Web

Yesterday, Google announced support for lightweight semantic markups; RDFa and microformats which is a big issue for the future of web and also know as semantic web. Yahoo has been making experiments with RDFa and microformats with their new search engine called search monkey. I assume Microsoft’ Live and Powerset will add same (may be full RDF) support soon.

So, the important point is; it is a big push to the current web to shape it more meaningful way. Why should a market dominant do it? Google search engine is powered with NLP (Natural Language Processing) and it works very well but it may be useless when compared future data on the web. NLP is a powerful technique which is aimed to translate spoken languages to machine ones to process, analyze and use it. There are many languages in the world which Google has to deal them separately and it is doing it very well. So, what is the challenge? It is social networks.

It is easy to manage your web site or web page content by yourself and ensure that it is well formed and correct for search engines. However, it is impossible to manage user distributed data over social networks. And, the easiest way to do it; add semantics to the content which will help search engines (or whatever you have) to process it.

I guess this push will improve the feature of the web and also semantic web. It seems we are going to see more tools, libraries, frameworks built in support for RDFa and microformats.

Tell Me Again, What was The Semantic Web?

My semantic web interest is almost two years old however, I haven’t focused it enough till this year. It was something like a magazine or a blog that I like to read or follow but never involved. Somehow, my viewpoint on semantic web extremely changed and I’ve started scientific (also business) researches on semantic web.

Today, I felt much better when I saw the following videos. It was a right choice to make investments on semantic web. I hope, it will much better… Thanks Cas for sharing these nice videos:

Future Internet Video from Castemelijn on Vimeo

Impressed Kevin Kelly’s presentation and the quote about web: “Have to get better in believing the impossible”

Tomorrow, I have a meeting with my advisers about Semantic Web for P2P networks and if it goes successfully, I’ll start build my project in the following weeks. First, I want to up and running simplest p2p network in my local machine using twisted on python or jxta on java. Then give this thing a mining: semantic …

Turkey Semantic Web Research Group

I’ve been thinking to start a new research group in my new university for Semantic Web Researches till I start my graduate program. I can’t find enough people who really know what Semantic Web is then I let it go.

May be I should try it in country-wide.

Ontology Learning Techniques

As I planned, finalizing my (quick) studies on ontology learning techniques. Ontologies play a key role in semantic web and technologies by defining concepts and relations between these concepts. Thus, there are significant studies on this subject and some useful techniques discussed in ontology learning:

Almost all of the techniques above require a good knowledge and infrastructure of NLP (Natural Language Processing) to obtain effective results. I though ontology learning from dictionary would be easy compared to other methods for Turkish language. However, it requires WordNet like dictionaries that what I don’t have. Sabancı University NLP group works on BalkanNet but I don’t think it is ready to use.

Also, I’m searching about ontology-based system designs and implementations.


Trends in Ontology-Based Systems

When I first see the book “Semantic Web Technologies: Trends and research in ontology-based systems (Hardcover)” hadn’t enough time to go on the previous week. This, morning I couldn’t sleep and so had some free time to search The query “Ontology-Based” in titles hit 100 papers and most of them are published in 2008 or 2007. I’ve got printed copies of studies from various versions of ontology based systems like “Ontology-Based Knowledge Management”,” Ontology-based Information Integration in Virtual Learning Environment”, ”An Ontology-based Approach to Text Summarization” … etc.

My adviser already has a proposal on multimedia related systems and suggests me to consider it. I may combine those studies with ontology based infrastructure and come up with new subjects. But still an idea …

I’m listed in Semantic Web Twitter Pack as Semantic Web people to follow in twitter. Thanks to @CleverClogs