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Microsoft IE Loses the Battle Against Firefox and Safari

Check out w3school browser stats and see how Microsoft IE is losing market share against Firefox and Safari.  So, why are they losing the browser war?  Remember the old saying “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Now let’s quick look at the new IE 8, following sites are not supported by IE 8:


A quick look for the new Safari 4; Safari 4 Released, Claimed “30 Times Faster Than IE7”

First they ignored us now Open Source is winning the battles against Microsoft.

Firefox 3 Awesome

Neither IE nor Safari. The only browser you need Firefox. It is awesome and Firefox team doing well.

O’Reilly Safari Books Online

While I was searching some books from O’Reilly I noticed It was too expensive to buy a book from abroad. However I can’t find what I want in Turkiye. At the end I decided to try Safari Books Online and bought one month service. Everything is cool except limited account, I can search and read all books that I want however I can add max 10 books to my bookshelf and I can’t remove until a month passes. Also, some books took 2 slots in bookshelf, this is really sucks. One of the benefits of online books is ability to read books not published yet but available online.

In my bookshelf there are 3 books takes 4 slots. I’m going to make a review about those book as soon as I finish them.

Safari on Windows

I dont have a Mac ( emotional reasons $$$$$ … ) but I like Mac applications from my iPod such as iTunes,Quicktime…. Now apple relases public download of Safari for Windows OSs. You can find necessary information here Now web developers dont need to buy a Mac and probably they wouldnt do it like me :))