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Php Namespace Separator Discussion

I couldn’t figure out why developers wasted time to decide “” backslash as the namespace separator for php. I think, they should have choosed exiting ones likeĀ  “.” orĀ  “::”. I wish windows developers luck for “” confusions on windows.

Php Slides

Two cool slides about Understanding the PHP Object Model and Type-Safe Objects in PHP

Adding New File Extension in Netbeans

If you are seeking how to register a new extension for known file type in Netbeans. Follow

Tools -> Options -> Advanced Options -> System -> File Types -> PHP Files

and right click to open then add or change anything you like. I added thtml.

Twitter is still inaccessible.

Php persistence tools

I wonder if there are any powerful persistence tools for Php like JPA in Java

Java-less Java

“I think what you’ll see from Sun is that we’re just going to take the J off the JVM and just make it a VM,” Schwartz.

I’m waiting JVM for php support.