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Spring Framework & Java EE Part 2

This is the second part of the my post on Spring & JEE first impressions. This part is a quick glance to development environments. Netbeans 7.2 is used for JEE and IntelliJ IDEA 12 is used for Spring Framework. IntelliJ IDEA is a general purpose IDE for Android, Java, J2ME, JEE, Spring ..etc.

Netbeans provides best integration with Java EE technology stack, it handles configuration automatically and helps developers with suggestions. Whenever an entity class is annotated Netbeans checks for persistent unit, if not available it makes suggestions for persistence unit.


Also, It has also code generators for entity classes, especially ones from database tables. It generates necessary classes and named JPA queries.



Netbeans comes with Glassfish bundle, application can be deployed to the app server through one click. Everything is handled by IDE.

If you are on Spring Framework which is generally developed by Eclipse, you have to generate maven configuration and related dependencies for spring and sub spring projects. After having Spring libraries, there are configurations need to be set up for the application. Sometimes its annoying to define datasource, transactions, beans … etc. At this point IntelliJ IDEA helps to handle configurations easily. It can detect enabled modules in applications.


Syntax highlighting is amazing, it is available in almost any files, java, xml … etc. It can suggest which actions to take against problems.


entityEntity generators work smoothly with any given datasource.


No doubt that ORM is a power tool for managing data through OOP manner however, some times specific OOP queries needed. But, writing and testing these queries a little harder when compared to SQL since, there are no ORM manager. IntelliJ IDEA helps it with built in console for executing object queries inside the IDE without deploying application. The most amazing tool in the IDE (personal opinion).


This post is about comparing IDEs than technology stack. Next parts will focus on more related to technologies like Persistence, MVC, JSF and Security on Spring and JEE.

Because Twitter is Down

Twitter is down so I’m combining my tweets as a blog entry

First tweet;
I want to read this book but I’m not sure if it’d worth to read.

Second tweet;
Netbeans 6.5 rc1 is available.

Netbeans 6.5 Beta

A few days ago I upgraded to Netbeans 6.5 M1 but Netbeans 6.5 Beta is available now. I have to re-upgrade it

Netbeans Day

Today, I attended the Netbeans Day Istanbul that is held by Sun Microsystems Türkiye at Sun Plaza. Even frequently changes in the agenda event was fine. Also I met Roman Strobl who is working at Netbeans project and asked him how to use multiple persistence units in the same project and the answer was “one of our guys dealing with it 🙂 “

I learnt some new cool feature of Netbeans such as copy and past the line you have just typed 🙂 using Ctrl+Shift+Down.

Now waiting for the new exciting Java events …

Adding New File Extension in Netbeans

If you are seeking how to register a new extension for known file type in Netbeans. Follow

Tools -> Options -> Advanced Options -> System -> File Types -> PHP Files

and right click to open then add or change anything you like. I added thtml.

Twitter is still inaccessible.