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About Eric T. Cartman

I can say that South Park is the best TV Show I have ever seen. And, Eric T. Cartman is the most funnies character in the series. Surprised when I read about Cartman’s personality in Wikipedia. Is it possible to some like him can exist in real life? Briefly, Eric T. Cartman:

Eric Cartman is often spoiled, foul-mouthed, sadistic, ill-tempered, insensitive, racist, antisemitic, sociopathic, greedy, loudmouthed, lazy, fat (he believes that he is not fat, but big-boned), wildly insecure, bigoted, and manipulative. He is portrayed as having a general lack of moral responsibility or social conscience. He despises Kyle because of his Jewish background and will make fun of him about being Jewish. Though he hates Kyle, he will socialize with him along with Stan and Kenny. Cartman has a habit of bullying and teasing all of his friends; Kyle is the most threatened and teased by Cartman during most episodes.

Sometimes Cartman acts differently around the other boys, even stating that Kenny is his best friend and he is okay with Stan, but later goes back to annoying everyone.

The Incredible Movie

It took a long time to decide blogging about The Incredible Hulk. I’ve seen it 3 or 4 days ago and I’m still under the impression of the movie.  I thought, it is an ordinary marvel production till I watch it.
It is a nice movie with cool VFX you can find it any film. The thing that impresses me is actors’ performance. I love two scenes in the movie:

1.    Betty first sees Bruce
2.    Betty embraces Bruce in the rain (reunite)

Both Bruce and Betty’s performances are awesome; I really like their voice in the movie.
It just hearts …

I’ve already watched it 3 times and going to keep watch the scenes I like.

Kung Fu Panda

I already have watched twice the movie Kung Fu Panda. It is really awesome!!! I’m going to watch it again and again until next the next movie maybe until wall-e.

South Park 11. Sezon

Sonunda başladı!!! South Park 11. Sezon Aralık’ta CNBC-e‘de…

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Pirates of the Caribbean is my number two(The Matrix is number one). Producers of the Caribbean movies said that At World’s End it the last movie in the trilogy. However Johnny Depp likes being Jack Sparrow and even he is considering to play new adventures. I hope he does and I can watch new versions of these wonderful movies.