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Daily Updates & Crashes

I have been using Vista for a long time ( from first release ) and I noticed something; almost everyday Microsoft releases a new update and if I install it my  box crashes immediately.  Microsoft should rename its update service to Daily Updates & Crashes.


M$ released IE 8 Beta 1, I haven’t tried it yet but seems there is nothing new. It is Microsoft, innovation is a myth. However, Mozilla Labs challenging the user experience with Ubiquity. Check this link and see how M$ loses the browser war. And Ubiquity

Ubiquity for Firefox from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

Semantic File System

I have been thinking about how to design file systems to manage structured data with semantic web and today found Microsoft’s research on WinFS

An other interesting file system concept OFFSystem

Nowadays dealing too much about file systems.

Wine 1.0

Wine stable release is ready after 15 years development. Not too bad. More than 15 years needed to fix Windows bugs. Congratulations guys, well done 🙂

I hate .Net