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Microsoft IE Loses the Battle Against Firefox and Safari

Check out w3school browser stats and see how Microsoft IE is losing market share against Firefox and Safari.  So, why are they losing the browser war?  Remember the old saying “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Now let’s quick look at the new IE 8, following sites are not supported by IE 8:


A quick look for the new Safari 4; Safari 4 Released, Claimed “30 Times Faster Than IE7”

First they ignored us now Open Source is winning the battles against Microsoft.

Linux vs. Windows Conflict

Since we moved to our new office with new company and additional staff, we’ve switched our platform from JEE on Linux to on Windows because D&D is easy to use which I completely disagree. Today one of the developers in the office noticed that our .net development server is down. It is used for development and test purposes (manual tests). It is crashed despite having better hardware when compared our old servers which is not a server (we build it with oem products) and it is running Fedora and still up and serves well. Windows box is broken, having power issues but Linux box is still up for 408 days. What a conflict!!! Linux box with poor hardware having better performance and robust when compared better windows box with better hardware (designed for servers).

Man, .net really sucks … I already know it but .Net developers prove it.

.NET Culture Issues

I usually don’t understand Microsoft and its product management strategies.  I had some problems with Turkish currency format in Searching locale issues in .net resulted in .net cultures. Computer scientists and engineers exactly everyone in I.T. industry except Microsoft, call language specifics parameters (country, currency, date-time formats …etc.) as locale.

I think it is plain old M$ strategy to force developers to for its standards. It doesn’t make sense. Culture :)). I really wonder who named it.

MS Office Issues

While I was writing an article:
ms office

MS Office still has significant problems due tons of patches.

Another Reason To Use Python

I don’t have enough time to blog these days but I tweet so frequently.  It sounds like a contradiction, huh? I spent my whole weekend trying to simulate standart and improved Booth Radix(2,4,8, and 16) Multipliers.

I decided to use python to implement the simulator. It’d be ruby, java … etc. but
timing was a big issue. I had to understand all the algorithms and implement, then, prepare a performance analysis report. Python saved my life, it took 2 nights to implement and port it as win32 application for windows users who don’t have python interpreter installed. It was quite useful to develop and share because If you are living in a third world country, you can share your (python, ruby, haskel,perl,ocaml …etc. ) project  source code with anyone
who asks it. Because, probably, most of the computer science (and engineering) students including graduate ones don’t know about the computer languages like python. Their response will be, “…mm, strange  … what does this small code snippet do? ….”. Yes, it is strange and that small piece of code is the core of the algorithm…. etc. People who have extreme D&D  (Drag & Drop) capabilities without knowledge are dominated in Turkey. Yes, I mean  Microsoftian people.

By the way, I’m trying to finialize my studies on IR (which is specific to Turkish language) to send it local conference which will be held in Harran Uni.

I didn’t mention about the new year as I did in the past because, things are same. I’m still: