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Are you there?

Yes, but I’m a little busy with work, university, personal life … etc. I know it couldn’t be a reason not to blog but I do it, I usually complain about being busy when I don’t write anything. Anyway, it has been two weeks without blogging and so many important things happened that I want to mention. I can’t talk too much about them, in brief;

First thing is Google Wave If I have to tell what I think about Google Wave in one word, it’d be amazing. Imagine that something like an operating system runs on web and it is real time. I can’t believe that Google is killing Microsoft day by day and Microsoft still sits and watches it.

Second, RIA, I had a chance to test Adobe Air with Flex 3 and Microsoft Silverlight. I’m not going to compare and contrast these two technologies but I like the idea behind Adobe Air and Flex 3.

And last one is about Windows 7, it is much better than Vista but I’m not satisfied what I’ve seen. It is faster than Vista on file operations like copy, paste …etc. However, I can’t say same thing for all. In general, it works fine but still far behind Apple’s Leopard.

I’m having trouble with my stomach for two days, I might have food poisoning but I’m not sure that, just trying to get rid of it.

What happened to Microsoft?

Nice article from macro.

Microsoft should focus on innovation to regain their old reputation.

I’m a rock star

Yes, I’m a rock star but not the one you already know, a geek one. Today, I’ve seen the best TV ad of 2009; Intel TV ad “Sponsors of Tomorrow”.

So, if I rearrange my top companies having best ad campaigns;

Microsoft needs a new agency, seriously.

Is Microsoft Still Evil?

Microsoft is known as being an evil company. Isn’t it? During the past few years Microsoft used to be dominant in the market with its products and services like; operation systems, office programs and development tools by following unethical methods. So, something happened and all went wrong for them.

In my opinion, change was technology itself nothing else. Linux, Web, Web 2.0, mobile devices, platform independent tools, Web 3.0 … etc. Microsoft has followed same strategies over the years and succeeded but it didn’t work for this time. Microsoft may be an evil or not but, now, they are not acting like an evil.

There has been significant changes at Microsoft’s product strategy, like; considering other browsers, cross platform products (silverlight), contributing to open source ( MVC) …etc. They are not ignoring now, they are considering options different than Microsoft.

I’m not sure about Microsoft’s being evil or good but I’m sure one thing; they imitate not innovate. That’s why I’m not a Microsoft guy.

Your New Toy ASP.NET MVC 1.0 is Ready !!!

After a long development process Microsoft announced stable release of ASP.NET MVC 1.0 some resources about ASP.NET MVC and official download link is here.

After a quick glance to product details, it doesn’t bring brand new features even though MVC technology has been available in open source world for years. Also, there is a feature comparison between web forms and new MVC:

Briefly, Microsoft tells us; until today we made you build applications that cannot be separable conceptually (data, business, presentation layer) and cannot be unit tested and also, we put things that you cannot optimize your web sites for SEO … Developers who don’t know open source may not think the way I’m because it a new technology for them.

Those Microsoft guys enjoy your new toy 🙂