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Macbook SSD Boost

Yesterday I replaced my Macbook’s HDD with Sandisk Extreme SSD. It feels like I renewed my mac. It is 3x faster than before. So, if you don’t have SSD which it asap, it will increase your productivity at least 3x.

Sandisk SSD



Cleaning Macbook Pro Superdrive

My Macbook Pro’s superdrive was death, it was ejecting every cd/dvd when I insert it. Since new macbook’s unibody is not easy to dissemble every time to to clean something.So, easiest way to clean it, Philips Lazer Lens Cleaner which works very well. I wasn’t expected to get my drive back.

Becoming a Mac

Its just started with a new macbook pro

Bought it and love it …

Helping Mac users & developers …

Today I got my Magic Mouse! Nothing to say, its Magic. Thanks dude @kemalispirli

Finally, someone made it! This company impressed me …

And now, I’m a mac …

The next thing is 3GS

First Post From Snow Leopard

Yes, at the end I’ve switched to mac. So far happy with snow leopard, much better than windows.

Screen shot 2009-09-17 at 8.06.15 PM

Sticky Mac

If I switch Mac someday my mac may become like this.

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