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Follow Symbolic Links

To Sun Application Server to follow Unix symbolic links, edit domain.xml and add allowLinking property with value=”true” to your virtual server.

Old Cool Dark Terminals

I have been working on JEE platform for 2 years as a professional. I like java and java related platforms but I really miss developing native applications on dark black linux terminals. I wish I have a chance to work on embedded devices as a professional. Nowadays being mobile is important as a result mobile devices are becoming more popular, most of these devices are based on linux firmwares. I recently discovered rockbox, it seems cool but I haven’t tested it yet. My iPod (nano classic) is a gift from one of my Apple fun friend, I don’t want to brake it. But somehow I feel I will find myself dealing with embedded platforms.



Synchronize your penguins’ date and time via ntp

NTP stands for Network Time Protocol and it is used to synchronize clocks of computers. All linux boxes in our company sync their clock via using ntp. Configurations is simple just follow some steps.

  1. Edit /etc/ntp.conf and add
    restrict mask nomodify notrap noquery
  2. Edit /etc/ntp/step-tickers and add
  3. Restart ntpd and make sure it is on the startup
    service ntpd restart
    chkconfig ntpd on

That is it

Fedora 8

Fedora 8 is released.