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Do we need J2EE for this?

Question : We want to write a ERP-Software for our company.The number of users will be up to 200 (mostly not at the same time). Since usability is important, we plan to choose a Swing GUI. What do you think of it? Do we need J2EE for that? Or is this a bit too much? If you need more information to answer that question, please ask me.

Answer : Of course you do not need J2EE. If your company has an email system and Microsoft Office, you could email spreadsheets back and forth.

I like Java. Full response to question is here

Follow Symbolic Links

To Sun Application Server to follow Unix symbolic links, edit domain.xml and add allowLinking property with value=”true” to your virtual server.


EJB3 Unit Test

There are some difficulties in enterprise application development like testing and debugging. JEE aims to reduce these difficulties by dividing enterprise programming into modules. I have prepared a screencast about testing EJB3 modules and also it is my first screencast.

Old Cool Dark Terminals

I have been working on JEE platform for 2 years as a professional. I like java and java related platforms but I really miss developing native applications on dark black linux terminals. I wish I have a chance to work on embedded devices as a professional. Nowadays being mobile is important as a result mobile devices are becoming more popular, most of these devices are based on linux firmwares. I recently discovered rockbox, it seems cool but I haven’t tested it yet. My iPod (nano classic) is a gift from one of my Apple fun friend, I don’t want to brake it. But somehow I feel I will find myself dealing with embedded platforms.