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Linux vs. Windows Conflict

Since we moved to our new office with new company and additional staff, we’ve switched our platform from JEE on Linux to on Windows because D&D is easy to use which I completely disagree. Today one of the developers in the office noticed that our .net development server is down. It is used for development and test purposes (manual tests). It is crashed despite having better hardware when compared our old servers which is not a server (we build it with oem products) and it is running Fedora and still up and serves well. Windows box is broken, having power issues but Linux box is still up for 408 days. What a conflict!!! Linux box with poor hardware having better performance and robust when compared better windows box with better hardware (designed for servers).

Man, .net really sucks … I already know it but .Net developers prove it.

JDK 1.6 Update 10

I have been waiting for JDK 1.6 Update 10. I hope it meets my expectations.

Netbeans Day

Today, I attended the Netbeans Day Istanbul that is held by Sun Microsystems Türkiye at Sun Plaza. Even frequently changes in the agenda event was fine. Also I met Roman Strobl who is working at Netbeans project and asked him how to use multiple persistence units in the same project and the answer was “one of our guys dealing with it 🙂 “

I learnt some new cool feature of Netbeans such as copy and past the line you have just typed 🙂 using Ctrl+Shift+Down.

Now waiting for the new exciting Java events …

Php persistence tools

I wonder if there are any powerful persistence tools for Php like JPA in Java

Glassfish + MySQL

Sun contributes Glassfish + MySQL bundle in JEE download section at