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RXTX PortInUseException on Mac OSX

This was my first serial programming experience on Mac OS X with Java and it was painful. There is no official library for Java for writing/reading from serial interface. Open source libraries available but those depends on OS, and OS architecture and java versions. After required libs installed, I had to get list of all port on my mac using rxtx however, had to deal with with PortInUseException while opening a port. Thanks to this guy; solution is to set up a folder and required permissions at location /var/lock, then everything went very well.

After a few years I returned back to java, it still same java nothing much here 🙂 I can handle it.

A Delayed Post

I don’t know why it takes so long to post something but significant things happened in last few weeks which made my entire life to change. I’m not going to share it at the moment, may be in time.

So, I want to mention some events that I wanted to write about but I couldn’t.
JavaDay Istanbul ’09, yes, I was there and events were based on JavaFX as JavaOne ’09. Some photos from the day.
I liked touch wall (I made this word) JavaFX demonstration, it was funny and I also, admired the women who has spoken very fast and without any break in one hour about mysql.
I know, many things happened about technology but the last one is Google Chrome OS. An OS with annoying features for Microsoft and Apple. I support you guys go ahead you really force some old guys to improve their products like Microsoft IE.

Software Development & Deployment with Google App Engine

I have been developing applications for 5 years and worked on wide range of programming languages and platforms. If we exclude my undergraduate studies (like; tiny applications working on embedded devices or cross platform compiled iphone apps … etc.) briefly my experience on software development;

So, far I have dealt with many programming languages, platforms and most of them have painful development/deployment processes except one.  Google App Engine is the only platform that I have never had problems with software deployment.  I doesn’t matter which box you have (mac, win, linux ..etc)  for development, deployed application works as it in your local. You don’t have to worry about changes about model, app engine handles it smoothly. It is amazing. I have never seen such a thing before. Even I had problems with php but not with app engine. That’s why Google like companies must exits, they are the real innovators.

Oracle to Buy Sun For $7.4 Billion

I shocked when I saw this news about Oracle to Buy Sun. Now, I feel more comfortable for switching from Java to Python. Now, I have to switch from MySQL to postgresql. I hope Oracle will pay more attention to open source community to improve Java.

Tell Me Again, What was The Semantic Web?

My semantic web interest is almost two years old however, I haven’t focused it enough till this year. It was something like a magazine or a blog that I like to read or follow but never involved. Somehow, my viewpoint on semantic web extremely changed and I’ve started scientific (also business) researches on semantic web.

Today, I felt much better when I saw the following videos. It was a right choice to make investments on semantic web. I hope, it will much better… Thanks Cas for sharing these nice videos:

Future Internet Video from Castemelijn on Vimeo

Impressed Kevin Kelly’s presentation and the quote about web: “Have to get better in believing the impossible”

Tomorrow, I have a meeting with my advisers about Semantic Web for P2P networks and if it goes successfully, I’ll start build my project in the following weeks. First, I want to up and running simplest p2p network in my local machine using twisted on python or jxta on java. Then give this thing a mining: semantic …