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Linux vs. Windows Conflict

Since we moved to our new office with new company and additional staff, we’ve switched our platform from JEE on Linux to on Windows because D&D is easy to use which I completely disagree. Today one of the developers in the office noticed that our .net development server is down. It is used for development and test purposes (manual tests). It is crashed despite having better hardware when compared our old servers which is not a server (we build it with oem products) and it is running Fedora and still up and serves well. Windows box is broken, having power issues but Linux box is still up for 408 days. What a conflict!!! Linux box with poor hardware having better performance and robust when compared better windows box with better hardware (designed for servers).

Man, .net really sucks … I already know it but .Net developers prove it.

Load Balancing

I had some problems with load balancing on glassfish clusters but today I got it up and running on my local machine using apache2 as web server.

Understanding the cache of TopLink Essentials(GlassFish JPA)

Great article about the cache of Toplink Essetials(Glassfish JPA).

Do we need J2EE for this?

Question : We want to write a ERP-Software for our company.The number of users will be up to 200 (mostly not at the same time). Since usability is important, we plan to choose a Swing GUI. What do you think of it? Do we need J2EE for that? Or is this a bit too much? If you need more information to answer that question, please ask me.

Answer : Of course you do not need J2EE. If your company has an email system and Microsoft Office, you could email spreadsheets back and forth.

I like Java. Full response to question is here

Setting up a cluster

It took 2 days to read and learn and setup a JEE based cluster for different types of platforms. I still have some problems in linux running Fedora Core 7. Problem is setting up connection on node instances. A good start for JEE cluster can be found here.