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Featureless iPhone App

Featureless rich iPhone app. is really cool.

iPhone 2.0 Sucks

iPhone For Sale

I’m selling my 16 GB iPhone.

The Server In You Pocket

I’ve been dealing with iPhone since I bought it but I’ve not mentioned it before. I don’t have a mac so I don’t have an iPhone SDK too. I was using cross platform compilers to compile an application on windows and put it on iPhone. It is really painful. Today I got my first server up and running, it is django development server. Also, a crud application running on it.

A tutorial is available about it.

Blogging from iPhone

I’m writing this blog entry from my iPhone. I’m traveling from Istanbul to Konya. Thanks apple for supporting map location finder almost everywhere in Turkey, now I’m near Bolu. Thanks for Blogger for supporting javascript limited devices.